Frequently Asked Questions

Is a person who owns a house entitled to apply?
The aim of Sophie Barat Residence is to provide housing to those in need of accommodation. Home owners who are contemplating selling their home and moving to the residence make a non-refundable capital contribution, which is assessed according to means and the value of the property.
If a person has no property, what income do they need?
Rent is assessed according to the means of each individual applicant.
Is a resident entitled to receive the State funded household benefits package?
What age levels are envisaged for those applying?
Around 65 years of age for entry is the norm. There is no definite age limit. Residents must be capable of living independent lives.
Who Can Apply?
Past Pupils, both female and male, of Sacred Heart Schools worldwide, Primary, Montessori, Junior, Secondary, Colleges and those associated with Sacred Heart Schools, are eligible to apply.

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