The Sophie Barat Residence is a wonderfully safe, secure and friendly place to live. I have been here for just over 2 years and very pleased that I made the decision to move in. When you live alone it is great to know that, in an emergency, with the press of a button someone will be at your door in minutes.

The grounds are beautifully kept and there is access to Mount Anville School grounds which are directly behind the SBR and a lovely place to go for a stroll. Deer Park is also close by.

Shops, including post office and chemist, 5 minutes’ walk away. Also, there is very good public transport.


The fact that I am in my twentieth year living in the Sophie Barat Residence seems to say it all.

The main reasons why I have been living here so long are, firstly, the peace and tranquillity. Being a gated facility is most conducive to sound sleep! Also having a co-ordinator on duty for 24 hours a day means that residents can have a sense of there being a ‘guardian angel’ available should an acute difficulty occur. There is an alarm bell in each room of the bungalows.

Independent living, backed by unobtrusive security in such a convenient locality, are huge incentives to remaining in this pleasant, calm and harmonious environment.


My name is Madeleine. I moved into my bungalow in July 1998 and have enjoyed a very happy nineteen years residing here.

Sophie Barat is a small gated estate supported by CCTV surveillance. Residents also have the reassurance of a 24/7 on call system should assistance be required thus affording complete security and peace of mind.

I am very happy to be living here.


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